In line with our overall objective ASSAUVET Association has set strategic goals and objectives.

Article No. 05 of our status

Partnership with other NGOs and the installation of national and international offices worldwide and accepting volunteers who want to work with us in Africa.

Next an African adage that says “one hand does not attach the package” our humanitarian organization actively seeks to establish partnerships with various NGOs to support development in Africa. The ASSAUVET recently concluded a memorandum of partnership development agreement with the private sector in collaboration with DPP 200 (two hundred towns and cities of Cameroon)

NB: the purpose of our MoU is to restore lending (6000) six thousand boreholes and wells with hand pumps which function more in the villages and cities of certain common Cameroon. Fault of poor management and ineffective maintenance of pumps repairmen and sometimes the lack of a small spare parts at lower cost.