• 5 seconds hand compressors to develop drilling. All trademarks 03 10-cylinder.
  • 1000 meters of air hoses. to develop drilling.
  • 2500 kgs of Hexametaphosphate, for a product to seal the boreholes and wells.
  • Chlorine 1000kgs product to disinfect water works.
  • 5000 pipes and rods for hand pumps.
  • 3000 stainless steel cylinders.
  • 3 Trucks for transportation.
  • Compressors.
  • 3 Picks -up terrain for binding sites


To rehabilitate a drilling that no longer works for years, we must:

  • The dismantling of the hand pump and diagnose the fault;
  • Take the static level and depth of the drilling;
  • Inject the hexametaphosphate solution and wait for the reaction of the product for hours.
  • Develop drilling with air lift for hours
  • Inject the solution chloric wait for the reaction after developing drilling for hours;
  • After installation of the hand pump, take the sample of water for analysis at the Pasteur Centre.
Matériel et matériaux de réhabilitation
Matériel et matériaux de réhabilitation
Réhabilitation d'un forage
Réhabilitation d’un forage